Event: Thunderdome “Pay back time”
Location: Amsterdam, Heineken Music Hall (HMH)
Date: 24-05-2008

Reporter Name: Ben Mertens
Age: 27
Land of origin: Holland
Date of report: 26-05-2008

Soon after the Massive Thunderdome XV edition in the Amsterdam RAI, ID&T wrote a excuse letter to the visitors according to some troubles that occurred at the event. The waiting lines for entering AND leaving the event were extremely long and crowded, also the sound level has not been what it should be. ID&T felt really bad about this because people expect nothing but high quality when entering a Thunderdome event. Because of this a promise to the visitors was made, ID&T would make it up within a short notice…to be announced!

Approximately 3 months later ID&T turned their promise into reality, a very special Thunderdome event shall be held on May 24th at the legendary Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam! The location of Thunderdome 2001 “Step into the Darkness”.



Thunderdome “Pay back time” is a fact! A very smart move to choose the HMH for this event. This location is specially build for concerts, shaped and designed to create the best acoustics and also 100% sound-isolated. This means there are NO SOUND LIMITS!! The capacity of the HMH stops at 5500 people, the entrance ticket only costs € 29,- and the people of Holland know what to expect. This event will surely sell out!



One month later the Line Up is announced: Tha Playah, Meccano Twins, Promo, Mad Dog, Endymion, Nosferatu, D-Passion, Unexist, Daniela Haverbeck, Mindustries, Enzyme X, Broken Rules, Live: Sei2ure & Synapse, The DJ Producer, Hellfish, Tymon.Hosted by MC Justice and MC Apster.

Even without making a promotional flyer Thunderdome “Pay back time” sold out 2 weeks before the event!



Finaly May 24th, we entered the HMH at 23:00 hours. No waiting lines and fast searching. I picked up my “Press” wristband because I was allowed to film again. Put away our jackets (Free wardrobe) and entered the hall. For me that’s always a special feeling when entering a huge hall for the first time at the event, it brings me the old gabber feeling. As I already suspected they used the Future XV stage, huge THUNDERDOME lettering and amazing L.E.D screens. Tha playah was spinning the wheels as we entered. The crowd was really going already and the sound was simply earcrashing! It’s weird when standing in this hall filled with 160 BPM crashing into you with more than 140 decibels while directly outside the building simply nothing, and I mean really nothing can be heard!



The hall is a 3.000m² square and has 2 huge balconies at the back. These balconies are really great, the lower balcony can be accessed by stairs in the hall, the upper balcony can be accessed by stairs located in the hallways of the location. We decided to get some coins, Heineken beers (one could choose small, medium, and large!) and take a look at the other area.



The second area was at the first floor, a small area (about 750 people) with the 2 Thunderdome’99 wizards behind the stage. This area is used for the industrial and distorded sounds, not exactly my cup of tea but the area was crowded and party people seamed to think otherwise than me :) We went on to another staircase that leads to the second floor and to the upper balcony. The sight is simply MASSIVE when entering this balcony at at least 15 meters above the the ground and positioned exactly in front of the stage. You could perfectly sit and relax while watching and listening to things we all love most! The balcony even has a bar so it was fast and easy to get some extra beers :)



The Meccano Twins (Only one of the guys appeared) was finishing his set and MC Apster announced a special moment. He told the crowd that 2 Thunderdome legends are about to enter the stage with a message, and yes, Da mouth of Madness and Mc Drokz entered the Thunderdome stage one more time. They wanted to officially thank the crowd, ID&T and many others for all those great Thunderdome years. This was a memorial moment and the crowd really showed their respect. And, although it was officially the last time at XV, Drokz shouted his famous THUNDERDOME one more time!



This is when it happened, directly after Drokz shouting, fireworks exploded! Again those Loud bangs, following up in a row of at least 25 times, fire fountains burst, flamethrowers ignited and colourful fire arrows fired up. Meanwhile Dj Promo was ready and at the last bang his classic “What the fuck” blasted out of the speakers. The volume was thrown up to the maximum and the impact was enormous! 8 massive lasers gazed trough the hall and the bass was almost live threatening!



Promo gave away a great set mixing the old and the new together, the crowd loved it and it was obvious Promo was having his own party behind the tables to! After a while we head down the stair taking a walk trough the hallways around the hall. Different shops and food/drink bars were located in these hallways. After some beverages we entered the hall andenjoyed the music and atmosphere.



Unfortunately we had to leave the event early because I had to get up early this sunday for work but we had a great time after all and of course it was worth the 2.5 hour drive to witness this unique Thunderdome edition. I’m glad ID&T decided to do this special event because it turned out to be nothing but high quality and all visitors are blown away by this astonishing edition of Thunderdome!!


ID&T paid it back….definitely!!